TAP is a nonprofit Labor-Management service provided to members of participating Teamster, ILWU, and IATSE health and welfare plans. TAP was developed through Teamsters Joint Council 7 with a mandate to provide assistance to the members and their families with alcohol and drug related job and personal problems.
TAP is open M-F 8am-5pm.

Call (510) 562-3600

Outside the SF Bay Area:
Call (800) 253-8326
-- 800-253-TEAM

You are welcome to drop in at our monthly sobriety celebration held the third Saturday of each month at TAP's Office.

Lunch is provided
and families are welcome.

80 Swan Way, Suite 320,
Oakland CA 94621

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TAP Mission Statement

The mission of the Teamsters' Assistance Program is to help individuals identify and resolve problems related to the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and to provide resources for other issues such as stress, anger and violence in the workplace. The outcome of this effort is to promote a safe and productive workplace and to have a positive impact on the health, productivity and lives of our members and their families.

These goals are accomplished by:

  1. Increasing early intervention of alcohol and other drug problems among eligible members and their dependents through outreach education, and training for members, shop stewards, business agents and supervisors.
  2. Providing assessment and referral services which identify alcohol and other drug problems.
  3. Providing access to quality cost effective treatment resources through preferred provider negotiations.
  4. Monitoring the quality of treatment received by members through proactive care management and ongoing evaluation of treatment resources.
  5. Providing relapse prevention services including one year of monitored continuing care and one year of monthly follow-up calls. Providing other relapse prevention activities including geographically dispersed relapse prevention support groups, fellowship activities and special events that encourage alcohol and drug free lives and improved quality of life.
  6. Providing consultation and triage services to supervisors and union representatives concerning conflict and violence in the workplace.
  7. Providing substance abuse professional (SAP) services as mandated by the Department of Transportation to safety sensitive members who have tested positive or have other drug and alcohol testing rule violations. Services include assessment and referral, care management; follow-up assessment to recommend relapse prevention activities, return-to-duty and follow-up testing plans.